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Interesting island with ruins of the ancient city of Kua and the 'Blue Lagoon'.

Juani Island

Kua Ruins and the Blue Lagoon

On Juani Island, one of the largest and most characteristic islands in the archipelago, are the ruins of the ancient city of Kua, whose decline, as yet unexplained by archaeological and historical, is the object of many legends. The island's fauna is quite unusual and includes wild pigs, monkeys and small antelopes (blue duiker). Depending on visitors' interests, a trip to the island can either be limited to a visit to Kua or may also include a trek through the bush to the "Blue Lagoon".

The southern point of Juani Island is divided in two by a long channel linking the big inland bay with the open sea. At the end of the channel is an enormous natural swimming pool whose water level varies according to the tide. After a short walk you can enjoy its clear waters. The area can only be reached by boat during high tide for a few hours a day.

Those who decide to trek from Kua, will witness a natural phenomenon known only to few people: during low tide the whole channel is drained of water creating an extraordinary sight with a view of the ocean waves breaking on the reef in the background. The entire area belongs to a special archipelago project for the protection of its wildlife and vegetation. A number of basic structures are being built and will allow one or two night fly camps to be set up upon request.


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